Best Power Axe Combos: Switch Axe Combo Guide

Axe mode for the Switch Axe got some NICE BUFFS in MHW Iceborne. I mathed out all of the DPS numbers on the axe combos and determined which are the best combos to use for what situations when running a Power Axe focused run in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Power Axe Mode for SA along with various Motion Value Buffs has made Axe Mode actually useful in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. The new axe fade slash, stronger upswings, better wild swings, and of course the extra Flinch Damage on Power Axe are all amazing improvements to Switch Axe.

This is only the first of our Switch Axe Combo Guides we’ll be putting out. Power Axe Runs are great for trip play and great for runs where you cannot run Sword Mode reliably. It’s also the best Switch Axe Playstyle to learn if you only want to learn 1 particular playstyle, it works great against every monster in the game.

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