Denden Doomsounder (Rajang) Coop Build

Greetings PC Hunters!

I’d like to share this build I used for the Rajang Hunting Horn. This is a good all-around build (despite it being a lightning weapon) which works on all types of hunts. This comes as a natural progression for the previous Guiding Lands Starter build using the Shara Ishvalda horn. This is excellent to use for the time-being while PC players will be waiting for the Safi’Jiiva Update.

This build is quite cheap on the decorations so it won’t be impossible to make. You will need to be high enough in levels to reach tempered rajang in the guiding lands, though.

Happy Hunting!

Builds in this Guide,246,216,230,226,244,2,aff:1;health:1-;;;;-;;;;,0,0,208,0,0,158,0,0,335,30,0,145,44,0,340,16,41,339,16,16,4:0:0:0:0:0:0

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