Kulve Update: New Horns & Builds

Today, I take a look at the new Hunting Horns we got with the Kulve Taroth Update. Within this update, we got the 2nd batch of the layered weapons for unique designs, new weapons and armors ! The KT HHs are very interesting, especially Kjaar Pipe Crusher for blast. Some of them shine in solo play while others can be quite potent in multiplayer. Let’s see what this is all about, shall we?

Builds in this guide

Unfortunately Kulve-patch didn’t bring a lot of improvement for general elemental Hunting Horn builds due to all potentially strong elemental Kulve Hunting Horns not having AuXL, although there’s minor improvement in a few match-ups for solo

https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwbi/?2451,246,273,230,226,272,81,att:1;health:1-1234567;;;;-;;;;,0,0,5,0,0,332,0,0,16,81,81,398,100,0,332,16,5,332,5,5,5:0:0:0:0:0:0@General Kjarr "Crusher"@Swap out Coalescence for Flinch-free 1 if you prefer it. This has slightly worse raw and sharpness than the general Safi Shatterhorn build but makes up for it by having more blast. Also doesn't use any Safi stuff.!brDo NOT take Xeno custom augment at Lvl 7 because it only extends your blue sharpness instead of white for some reason.
https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwbi/?2451,119,273,230,226,272,81,att:1;health:1-1234567;;;;-;;;;,0,0,5,0,0,32,16,0,16,81,81,335,100,0,332,16,5,332,5,5,5:0:0:0:0:0:0@Kjarr Crusher Gamma variant@For people who don't want to give up Coalescence for Flinch-Free. Despite the lower defense from a HR head piece, the build is still quite forgiving with Health Boost 3, +20 Def from Crusher itself and Defense Up XL song if you have time to play it.
https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwbi/?2406,283,266,175,172,264,81,aff:1;health:1;elem:1-6;;12345;;7-;;;;,0,0,12,0,0,115,5,5,115,90,0,5,5,0,339,81,0,341,90,81,5:10:6:96:72:100:72@Taroth Pipe "Sleep"@The crown jewel of this shoddy update for casual players and is especially strong in multiplayer due to the wall slam spam (usually 3-5 sleeps per hunt depending on the length of the hunt). This option has about 40% more EFR than the sleep option in the previous patch while having access to AuXL.!brNot recommended for solo play though unless you're trying to get materials in Guiding Lands.
https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwbi/?2406,283,266,175,172,264,2,aff:1;health:1;elem:1-6;;12345;;7-;;;;,0,0,12,0,0,115,30,30,115,90,0,5,5,0,339,81,0,341,90,81,5:10:6:96:72:100:72@non-Agitator variant@Same usage as above but this is better for when monsters sleep too many times on shorter hunts and spend a lot of time un-enraged.

Although I did say that the Kulve elemental horns are minor improvement to a few solo builds and not the focus of this album, I’ll dump a few good builds here so people can still experiment with them. The EuXL song, while not as strong and universal as AuXL, can still provide sizeable benefits to other elementally inclinated weapons such as Ele Phial CB, Bows and DBs or even other elemental Safi horns running AuXL. It’s also ok to use when the rest of the team are playing sticky LBG or shell-only Gunlance.

Please note that lv7 Xeno custom augment does NOT always extend the best sharpness color available on a weapon (e.g. it may extend your blue sharpness bar despite your weapon having natural white), and will only be used when applicable here because it makes sharpness management more forgiving for these horns.

https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwbi/?2224,293,252,250,246,250,14,health:1;elem:2-6;;12345;;7-;;;;,0,0,71,0,0,158,158,30,158,0,0,258,90,0,258,87,0,145,90,5,5:9:8:13:13:13:13@Taroth Pipe "Water" TCE@With the base element being so huge, this build can actually compete with Coal-activated Safi+CE Aquahorn on Teo/Garuga/Silverlos despite having bad raw, it loses by 5% on the more physical moves (Backslam, Superpound) as expected and tie on everything else except for the hilt-stab and twirly bois.!brThis is also a non-Safi option that beats Laguna horn (in solo) by a landslide for people who want to test out the power of Elemental HH but missed out on Safi.!brDo swap out the Grinder/Release jewels for other Release combo jewels if you plan on using Whetfish fin+.
https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwbi/?2224,241,266,264,222,264,14,health:1;elem:2-6;7;12345;;-;;;;,0,0,30,0,0,71,16,0,161,90,0,258,90,90,258,87,0,145,13,30,5:9:8:13:13:13:13@Taroth Pipe "Water"  Safi+CE@Worse than TCE without Coal, and very slightly better than TCE when you have Coal. The advantage here is it comes with Blight Res 2 and Flinch-Free 1, also doesn't require 3 Expert+ and thus cheaper to make, although it does require Safi armor pieces which won't be available for a while.!brDo swap out the Grinder/Release jewels for other Release combo jewels if you plan on using Whetfish fin+.
https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwbi/?2455,283,266,264,260,264,81,def:1;elem:3-6;;12345;;7-;;;;,0,0,5,0,0,163,87,87,163,90,0,109,90,90,336,81,0,109,40,81,5:0:0:0:0:0:0@Kjarr Pipe "Water" True Dragonvein Awakening@Cart-racer territory. This should be a better option than the previous two for a more raw-focused match-up such as Ebony. Not really a good option on Flame Teostra because of his flame aura and you can't use Health Augment because of Resentment.
https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwbi/?2454,283,266,264,260,264,81,def:1;elem:3-67;;12345;;-;;;;,0,0,0,0,0,163,9,9,163,90,0,111,90,90,336,81,0,111,40,81,5:0:0:0:0:0:0@Kjarr Pipe "Myth" True Dragonvein Awakening@Cart-racer territory. Tested values show that this actually beats uncomfy Safi+CE Bolthorn on Gold Rathian on every move except losing out slightly on Backslam and the second hit of Superpound (and the sliding aerial attack if you want to be more technical).!brThis build can also be used for Kjarr Pipe "Dragon".

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