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The Best Raw Lance Builds: MHW Iceborne Meta Sets

The Patrons have spoken and Lance is the next META sets to be covered. Lance uses Raw, Elemental, and Status very well in MHW Iceborne so this will be a full series with a video covering each.

The META is MHW Iceborne is a lot more complex and nuanced than in the base game. Differences in damage amongst top contenders are within the single percents of damage and it’s a pretty great time over all.

Raw Lance works amazingly as a catch all build choice in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. But unlike in base Monster Hunter World, it is not the end all be all best damage option.
Elemental and Status both can beat these sets given the right conditions.
But they are so close that we end up with many viable options for optimal damage.

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Gold Rathian Weapons are OP! Comfy Weapon Math

No But seriously, the Gold Rathian weapons are stupidly overtuned in MHW Iceborne. We’ve been saying this since Day 3 of the game coming out but let’s actually do a full analysis on why this is the case.

If you’re looking for the highest damage weapon for your comfy sets, the gold rathian weapons have you covered. They are obscenely overtuned and get everything good a weapon could want in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Whether for META sets, for comfy DPS sets, for defensive sets, or anything in between these weapons end up being the best to run in Iceborne.

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How Poison Works: Poison Guide & Math

Sorry for the reupload, we had to fix the multiplayer poison numbers. Added a TL;DR at the start of the video on the changes.

Poison is the most complicated Status to understand and math out in MHW & MHW Iceborne. So let’s explain exactly how it works.

We cover all the intricacies and quirks of poison in Monster Hunter World as well as discuss exactly how we math out the effectiveness of poison as a damage source in poison builds in MHW.

How Status Works: Definitive Status Guide

Sorry for the reupload, we had to correct some information in the video. The Pinned comment has the TL;DR changes if you watched the previous version. So here is EVERYTHING about how status mechanics work, how strong each status is, why later statuses are harder to proc, and basically everything about status in MHW and MHW Iceborne.

We cover all the general mechanics as well as the unique quirks of blast, paralysis, sleep, poison, KO, Exhaust, and Mounting in Monster Hunter World as well as the changes in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

BE. NICE. Our Philosophy on Elitism & Toxicity

Seriously. Be. Nice. We’ve heard a lot about toxicity and elitism in the community and we want to make very clear our stance on the issue.

We don’t make META Set videos to tell you that you HAVE to use the builds, we make them to have factual info out there.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne is a game. Play it how you want and let others play it how they want.
We just want to make sure that if you do want to play full damage in MHW Iceborne that you know what sets are mathematically optimal for that.
That’s the entire point of the META series, not to tell anyone how you should be playing the game.