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Rajang Update – Augments/Gunner Weaps/Armor changes

Gotta work on updating armor sets and stuff, but yeah slightly changes, nothing too significant though.

Build Demonstration – Normal 3 HBG

Thank you BJ for the build idea. Gotta plug the man, he does a lot of gunner stuff too:

Ultimately this set is not done because I have terrible decos, buuuut Its on my radar. I like the N3s, it works.

Spareshot vs True Spareshot

Thank you Asteriskampersand for compiling the data, and Jinjinx and Tuna for sharing the frame data with me so we can math this out.

TSS is very good for small clip sizes (LBG) but the nargacuga armor hurts it so much. Its still worth using, but tbh I dont think its going to be THAT good unless we get new armor for it.

The Great Spread Debate

Admittedly the Rapid Fire Spread 2 looks a little suspect, not sure if the calculator is messing up the calcs there for that, buuuuut I have no reason to doubt it right now, just going to have to go with it. Also again for the 3rd time, this is paper DPS. positioning with evade reloads is a pain as you have to keep moving. So yeahh….

Glutton 2 Electric Boogaloo: Shield Zinogre HBG

This Heavy Bowgun Build is literally the best way to kill monsters fast, easily, and safely in MHW Iceborne. Its actually stupid how good and easy to use this Shield Zinogre Heavy Bowgun Build.

The Zinogre heavy bowgun is literally the most overtuned, ridiculously stacked weapon in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.
With a full damage Heavy Bowgun build it hits insanely high damage numbers.
With a stupidly tanky Shield HBG build, the Zinogre HBG still deals higher DPS than half of the melee weapons. While using a Lance shield with level 5 guard.

In our opinion, the insane safety and power behind this build makes it the best Heavy Bowgun Build in the game for safe, consistent, and fast clears.

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