MHW Builder Patch Notes v1.5.4

  • PC / PS button for Web version.
  • Fire and Ice was hardcoded (will display Ice damage in the damage charts).
  • Dragonpiercer average damage fixed,
  • Lumu chest master gatherer > master mounter.
  • Blunt SnS moves do not have elemental values from now.
  • Black Diablos incorrect hitzone data fix (was copied from regular Diablos).
  • Great Sword incorrect elemental values (some data messed up).
  • Wind Charm was added to databases .
  • Chage Blade > Charge Blade misstypo (in mobile version).
  • Lunastra Gamma, Zorah Gamma and Xeno Gamma were added to the databases.

MHW Builder Patch notes v1.5.3

MHW Builder Patch notes v1.5.3


  • Bowgun mods and sharpness modifiers are back to the Set Menu.


  • Fixed Average damage for Power Shot
  • Fixed exclude Charm option.
  • Equipment piece filters for Set Searcher are working again.
  • Some values in motions had rounding issues.
  • Drachen set defense 92 > 72 per piece.
  • Pressing back button will open main menu for Android.


Searching algorithm is very old (and was not written by me), I will rewrite it in next update.

Sharpness indicators going to be reworked in next update.

MHW Bulder:

MHW Builder Patch notes v1.5.2

MHW Builder Patch notes v1.5.2

Mini QoL patch, based on reviews in store.


  • Mobile version will remember position between menu swaps, and return you to last position you finished with.
  • Sliders in Set Searcher became twice bigger.
  • You may pin Motion values and Stats containers, so they will travel with you through all menus.
  • Equip boxes start in compact mode, tap their name to unfold.
  • Skills menu has margins on the edges, so you won’t accidentally tap them.
  • Skill table nodes became twice higher.


MHW Builder:

MHW Builder Patch notes 1.5.1

MHW Builder Patch notes 1.5.1


  • Android 4.x (KitKat) and 5.x (Lollipop) comp were restored (got rid of .includes() method).
  • Major UI revamp.
  • Monster Catalogue was merged with Motion Values frame, now accessible under “My Damage” menu.
  • Behemoth was added to Monster Catalogue.
  • Motion values are back to “vanilla” display, will show both physical and elemental damage in separate numbers.
  • You may ignore gear in Set Searcher from now, piece by piece, they save to layouts and before visits / launches .
  • “Last Edited Set” feature was restored back.
  • Dragging slider’s tip somehow was triggering swipe event, it’s fixed.

Great Sword:

  • Some moves were missing sharpness modifier.


  • Wyvern Ammo was added back to damage calculation.
  • Bowguns got detailed ammo preview in “My Gear” menu by default. Also you may look up for it in search menu (expandable on click table).

Long Sword:

  • Found missing values for Spirit Blade (no gauge) opener.


  • Drilling damage from Wyrmstake damage type gone Fixed > Sever damage type.


MHW Builder:

Public Profile Guide

  1. Register here
  2. After registration proceed to your profile page via sidebar menu.


3. Customize your profile with avatar, background, etc (including social links, you may want to leave)

4. Put links to your builds to “My sets” field.

There are some rules about putting your sets there:

  • Each link should be from the next line.
  • There is no need to sort or mark or comment any links, since they will be sorted by weapon type anyway and all not-related info will not be shown.
  • You can add your own comment, which will be shown in set’s header between double @.